Looking to buy a home!  How exciting....we're here to help!.  

  • We'll help you find homes that meet your criteria and that fit your price range. We know what`s on the market, and we have firsthand knowledge of properties when they go up for sale. Research and preparation to help you find a right home, neighborhood, and school district usually takes much time behind the scene.  It's not just about showing houses.
  • We want you to understand buying process.
  • We'll help you to understand the "earnest money contract" and what protection it affords you during the escrow process.  Under a contract, you have rights as well as responsibilities.  Deadlines and contract dates are important.
  • We'll notify you of important dates, explain any title or escrow issues, discuss the inspection report, explain the appraisal process and what it can mean to your home purchase.  We'll also help explain closing documents and what steps you need to take "after you close". 
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