Preparing to Sell - Should you Renovate?

Posted by Kathye Warfield on Jun 12, 2022 in News
After reading quite a few (actually....lots and lots) articles about what sellers should do prior to listing their house - basically, which renovations actually "add value". Of course, there are basics that should be done, professionally cleaned, yard cleanup, neutralize paint, clear the clutter....but what IF your home is really outdated or in need of more than "freshening up". We get asked this question quite a bit. These tips are from the experts....I don't necessarily think all the suggestions are necessary or required...but this is from their perspective. I'm passing it on. POSITIVES Kitchen - Oak cabinets are out - paint off white or neutral color. Replace hardware. Some popular granites are very inexpensive. - consider. Bathroom - second most criticized room in the house. DEEP clean, regrout tub surround. Re-caulk/grout as needed. Clean every day. Lighting Fixtures - Most big box stores have the current "popular" trends. Absolutely replace shiny brass/builder fixtures. Upgrade garage doors. Clopay has some really nice ones. Small print: Need HOA approval or windstorm certificate? Roof - Have roof inspected and repaired as needed. If over 18 yrs old....consider replacing. Patio/Deck - add deck or extend patio. People are spending more time at home. Lawn Maintenance - Raise the canopies of the trees & thin out the "sucker" branches. Lower/trim bushes under windows. Your backyard could sell the house - think backyard oasis. Rotten wood - replace any rotten wood and paint to match. Trees and shrubbery should never touch any of the wood trim or the roof. Power wash the driveway and sidewalks and possibly the house. Clean those windows! NEGATIVES - things that don't have a good ROI - return on investment Sunroom Pool - Pools have sold very quickly in our area and we love them...but don't add one before you sell. Expensive hardwood flooring - If the carpet or floors are in really bad shape, you really should replace them. Talk to your Realtor about options. Garage Conversion - Don't. Custom upgrades like steaming drawer. Storage is more important. New Driveway - UNLESS, it is terribly cracked and unsafe. Built-ins. We love built ins, but not as an improvement to sell. Over personalizing or trying too hard to be "on trend". We hope this helps you to think about what you want/need to do when the time comes to sell your home. As always, we're here to help!